• Datastructures for external memory

    Something I recently became interested in is map data structures for external memory — i.e. ways of storing indexed data that are optimized for storage on disk.

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  • Compression of floating point timeseries

    I recently had cause to investigate fast methods of storing and transferring financial timeseries. Naively, timeseries can be represented in memory or on disk as simple dense arrays of floating point numbers. This is an attractive representation with many nice properties:

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  • Easy publishing to Maven Central with Gradle

    I recently released my first open source library for Java, MDBI. I learnt a lot about the Java open-source ecosystem as part of this process, and this blog summarises that in the hope that it will be useful to others. Specifically, the post will explain how to set up a project using the modern Gradle build system to build code and deploy it to the standard Maven Central repository from the command line really easily.

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  • Max's DataBase Interface

    It became necessary to write a Java database access library, since the ones that were available were somehow unsatisfactory. It’s called MDBI, and I’ve written more about it on the Github page.

  • Beware: java.nio.file.WatchService is subtly broken on Linux

    This blog describes a bug that I reported to Oracle a month or so ago but still doesn’t seem to have made it’s way through to the official tracker.

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