From 2005 to 2008 I was an undergraduate studying Computer Science at Cambridge. My method of preparing for the exams was to summarise each lecture course into just a few sides of A4, which I’d then commit to memory in their entirety.

To make them shorter and hence easier to memorise, I’d omit all but truly essential information from each crib sheet. For example, I wouldn’t include any formula if it was easily derivable from first principles, and I certainly didn’t waste any words on conceptual explanations. As a consequence, these sheets certainly aren’t the best choice for those learning a subject for the first time, but they might come in handy as a refresher for those with some familiarity with the subject.

So without further ado, here is my summary of a complete Cambridge Computer Science degree in 58 crib sheets:

Advanced System Topics pdf lyx
Algorithms pdf doc
Algorithms II pdf doc
Artifical Intelligence I pdf doc
Bioinformatics pdf lyx
Business Studies pdf lyx
C And C++ pdf doc
Comparative Architectures pdf lyx
Compiler Construction pdf doc
Computation Theory pdf doc
Computer Design pdf doc
Computer Graphics pdf doc
Computer Systems Modelling pdf lyx
Computer Vision pdf lyx
Concepts In Programming Languages pdf doc
Concurrent Systems And Applications pdf doc
Databases pdf doc
Denotational Semantics pdf lyx
Digital Communications pdf doc
Digital Communications II pdf lyx
Digital Electronics pdf doc
Digital Signal Processing pdf lyx
Discrete Mathematics I pdf doc
Discrete Mathematics II pdf doc
Distributed Systems pdf lyx
ECAD pdf doc
Economics And Law pdf doc
Floating Point Computation pdf doc
Foundations Of Computer Science pdf doc
Foundations Of Functional Programming pdf doc
Human Computer Interaction pdf lyx
Information Retrieval pdf lyx
Information Theory And Coding pdf lyx
Introduction To Security pdf doc
Logic And Proof pdf doc
Mathematical Methods For CS pdf doc
Mathematics I pdf doc
Mathematics II pdf doc
Mathematics III pdf doc
Mechanics And Relativity pdf doc
Natural Language Processing pdf lyx
Operating Systems pdf doc
Optimising Compilers pdf lyx
Oscillations And Waves pdf doc
Probability pdf doc
Professional Practice And Ethics pdf doc
Programming In Java pdf doc
Prolog pdf doc
Quantum And Statistical Mechanics pdf doc
Regular Languages And Finite Automata pdf doc
Semantics Of Programming Languages pdf doc
Software Design pdf doc
Software Engineering pdf doc
Specification And Verification I pdf lyx
Specification And Verification II pdf lyx
Topics In Concurrency pdf lyx
Types pdf lyx
VLSI Design pdf doc

Because I only created crib sheets for subjects that I thought I might potentially choose to answer questions on during the exam, this list does not cover every available course (though it’s probably at least 70% of them). The other thing to note is that Cambridge requires Computer Science students to take some courses in natural science during your first year: the crib sheets that I’ve included (e.g. “Mechanics And Relativity” and “Oscillations And Waves”) reflect my specialization in physics.