class SomeLibraryClass<T> {
    public SomeLibraryClass(Class<T> klass) {
        // Use klass to overcome Java generics limitations

public class Program {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Cannot convert from Class<List> to Class<List<Integer>>: fair enough
        Class<List<Integer>> klass1 = List.class;
        // Integer and List cannot be resolved: huh, that's an odd error
        Class<List<Integer>> klass2 = List<Integer>.class;
        // Cannot cast from Class<List> to Class<List<Integer>>: they should be equivalent after erasure, but fine
        Class<List<Integer>> klass3 = (Class<List<Integer>>)List.class;
        // This works! Awesome! But it's dead ugly (and unchecked of course), and why should I have to cast
        // to Class<?> before what I want? This means the castable-to relationship is not transitive!
        Class<List<Integer>> klass4 = (Class<List<Integer>>)(Class<?>)List.class;